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Fingerprint Analysis - Theoretics
Fingerprinting Basics
Generating Fingerprint Data
Trace Processing
Smoothing Details
Baselining Details
Peak Detection
Peak Filtering
Fragment Sizing
Peak mobility
Applying a size standard template
Peak Comparison
Binning Definitions
Hyperbinning Details - Examples
Cluster Analysis
Distance Methods
Distance Measures
UPGMA Method
Explanation of the Term 'Ultrametric'
Neighbor-Joining Method
Principal Coordinates Analysis
GelQuest Manual
Data Management
Project Management
Sample Details
Adding and Deleting Samples
Arranging Samples
Data import
Import of trace data
Import of image data
Data Evaluation
Navigating in the trace data
Data evaluation
Data export
Export of Trace Data
Export of Peak Data
Binary Matrix (01 Matrix) - Data Export
Hyperbin Export as Table
Data Analysis
Trace Processing and Peak Detection
Data Analysis Steps
Hyperbin Table
Defining a new size standard template
Data Analysis Troubleshooting
I can't see any DNA fingerprint trace data
Split Peaks
Too many peaks were detected
Peaks are not aligned in the size standard channel
Unusual peaks
Frequentily asked questions (FAQ)
What kind of analysis can GelQuest do?
Short protocol
How does GelQuest store the results of DNA fingerprints analysis?
Why are the size standard peaks of different samples not aligned?
How many DNA fingerprints can I see on my screen in a single view?
What kind of DNA fingerprints can GelQuest analyze?
What kind of data can I import into GelQuest?
I was wondering if it is possible to bin by basepair in Gelquest? I have T-RFLP data, and I think the error on the capillary sequencer is about 2 bp. Because of this, I was thinking I might bin into groups of 3 bp. Do you know how I would do that in Gelquest?
Can I make a final decision which peaks should be present in the binary matrix and which one not?
How can I scale
Further Processing
Download, Updating and Installing
Where can I download the latest release?
How do I install the software?
How can I update my software?
What are the system requirements to run GelQuest and ClusterVis?
My trial license expired. Can I get a new trial license?
I requested a trial license but did not receive it by email. What can I do?
Ordering and pricing
Can I get some tentative price for SequentiX software?
Where can I order SequentiX software?
Citing this software
Is the software compatible with other software?
File Structures
GelQuest Project File Structure
GelQuest Size Standard Template File Structure