Defining a new size standard template
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Please follow the steps below to define a new size standard template. Once defined, these templates can be used to size (= assign a fragment base length to a peak) new samples.

1. In the main window:
·     Import a trace file (e.g. a FSA-file) or image file containing fingerprint profiles.
·     The best way now is to hide all color channels except the size standard channel by clicking on the Show/Hide Color Channel control in the tool bar.
·     Select the sample with a right mouse click.
·     Analyse the file: Click the Analyse Selected Samples button.

2. In the "Sample Analysis window"
·     Try to click the "Set default values" button and check whether all size standard peaks were detected. They should now have a pointer triangle at the top of the lane. The pointer trianle is not filled which indicates that a peak has been detected but a size has not yet been assigned.
·     Please make sure that the parameters are so, that all standard peaks are detected. If anly a few or none peak was detected change the parameters (e.g.. decrease the minimum peak height value).
·     Now click the "New standard" button.

3. In the "Create a new size standard template" window:
·     Choose the right color channel (top right section) if not already done.
·     Type in at least a "Size Standard Name" in the Standard Definition table.
·     The image in the lower region of the window should show the size standard trace and the assigned peaks.
·     You can now either click on individual peaks in the image and the software will select the appropriate cell in the table to the left or click into a table cell to select a peak. Type in the right size. If done for all peaks that are "real size standard peaks" click on the OK button.

4. Back´in the Sample Analysis window
·     You can now select the newly defined standard in the drop down list in the
·     lower part of the window.
·     Choose the color channel from the drop down list if not already adjusted.
·     Click "Match standard".