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GelQuest - DNA Fingerprint Analysis Software

by SequentiX - Digital DNA Processing, Klein Raden, Germany.

GelQuest is a stand-alone application for the analysis of DNA fingerprint profiles and fragment patterns. The data may come from automatic sequencers or from conventional gel images. GelQuest carries out the following steps: trace data processing (smoothing, baselining), peak detection, sizing, binning and binary matrix (01-matrix) construction.
The program runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
ClusterVis is an application that analyses binary matrix data (01 matrix), e.g. as generated by GelQuest. It can be started directly from GelQuest or it can be used as a standalone program to analyse binary data generated by other software.
ClusterVis calculates distance matrices using many different distance measures. It calculates cluster trees (neighbor-joining, UPGMA) with or without statistical support (jackknife, bootstrap). It also performs principal coordinates analysis for a quick identification of outliers.
GelQuest and ClusterVis are recommended for the analysis of
·     AFLP (amplification fragment length polymorphism)
·     t-RFLP (terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism)
·     RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism)
·     RAPD (random amplified polymorphic DNA)
·     microsatellite analysis
·     PFGE (pulse field gel electrophoresis)
·     etc.