Hyperbinning and Comparison of Fragments Between Samples
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In the process of hyperbinning the gel bands ( bins) of all samples are united into a single table.

You can adjust the parameters for the hyperbinning process in the configuration menu.

The hyperbin table
For the detected hyperbins different display options are available:
- display base sizes
- display heights
- display areas
- display as 01 matrix

The hyperbins may be exported as
- a tab-delimited ASCII-text file. These files can be imported into spread sheet applications, e.g. Microsoft EXCEL.
- or as a binary matrix (01 matrix).

What does the GelQuest hyperbin table show if a sample has bins that are too close to each other?
depends on the current representation:
- Arithmetic mean value in case of base sizes.
- Sum or areas
- 1 for binary matrix