Trial Licenses
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What are trial licenses?
To test the full range of features SequentiX offers free trial licenses. They are full licenses with a temporal restriction, i.e. some features are not available when the trial license expires.

How do I obtain a trial licence?
1.   Download, install and run the software.
2.   Click the software registration menu.
3.   Choose one of the following options:
Click the label 'Click to obtain a trial license'. The default email client will open. Send the email using the default email client.
Send an email to in the format given below. The [...] fields must be completed!

The 'Computer ID' may be a negative number and is available through the software registration menu.
This is how the email text should look like:

Please send me a trial license
Application:       [...], e.g. GelQuest
Computer ID:       [...], e.g. -6640922482
My Title:          [...], e.g. Mr., Mrs., Dr., Prof.
My First Name:     [...], e.g. Bob
My Family Name:    [...], e.g. Builder
Institute/Company: [...], e.g. SequentiX
Street/P.O.Box:    [...], e.g. Dorfstr. 20
ZIP/Location:      [...], e.g. 18249 Klein Raden
Country:           [...], e.g. Germany
My Email:          [...], e.g.