Unusual peaks in the size standard lane
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Unusual peaks in the size standard lane of the trace file influenced and spoiled a good peak matching between size standard template and the sample peaks.

1. Either define a new size standard or carry out the following steps:
Locate the GelQuest application directory. This is usually 'C:\Programms\GelQuest and Clustervis'.
This directory should have a subdirectory named '\StdDefs', i.e 'C:\Programms\GelQuest and Clustervis\StdDefs'.
Copy the attached size standard file 'Bioventures MapMarker 1000 (MM-1000).GelQuestStdTemplate' into the '\StdDefs' subdirectory.

2. Import your trace files and click the analysis button. In the sample analysis window click the 'Set default values' button.
Then change the rolling cylce diameter to '50' for all samples and the Min. Peak Height value for the red channel to 500.
Select the size standard 'Bioventures MapMarker 1000 (MM-1000)' und click 'Match standard' button.

3. In the configuration menu try
Hyperbin width: 1
Base Size: 50 ... 1000
Peak area greater than 0.9 % of total sample area (sum of peak areas)