What kind of analysis can GelQuest do?
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GelQuest carries out the following main steps:

·     Import of raw or processed fingerprint data (trace files and gel images).
·     Thus, GelQuest can combine fingerprint data from different sources, e.g. the results of
·     a run on a Licor sequencer with those ones of an ABI sequencer or on a slab gel.
·     Processing of the raw data: smoothing, baselining.
·     Peak detection: recognition of the band pattern
·     Size calibration and the definition of new size standard templates.
·     Visualisation of the trace data in various formats:
·     Trace view, greyscale and color pseudogel
·     Scale by datapoints or by base size
·     View raw or processed data
·     Highlight or hide peak locations
·     Automatic generation of bins and hypberbins (superbins)
·     Automatic creation of a 01 matrix.