Work flow
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To obtain the final data DNA fingerprint data needs to be processed in a series of steps.

Tab. 1. Main steps in processing DNA Fingerprint data.
Trace Processing
The traces are smoothed and then corrected according to a 'baseline'. Both methods are optional.
Peak/Band detection
Uses the processed data and determines local maxima. Here filter options can be used to determine which peaks should be considered as 'real' peaks.
Fragment sizing
The previously determined peaks obtain a size by comparing the peaks of a size standard channel in the sample with a size standard template.
Peak comparison (Hyperbinning)
Compares and filters the peaks/bands of individual samples in a single table ('hyperbin table').
Peaks/bands can be excluded from further analysis by manual interaction of the scientist.
Cluster Analysis
Analyses a binary matrix (the hyperbin table in 01-notation) and lets you view the results.